August 2019 Puzzles
1.  a.  It is a five-digit decimal number.
     b.  Its largest place value is its one place value.
     c.  Its ten-thousandths digit is twice its one digit.
     d.  Its hundredths digit is 2/3 of its ten-thousandths digit.
     e.  The product of its tenth digit and its thousandths digit is 1.
     f.  It has four different digits.
2. Ava found that her cow and goat would eat all the grass in a certain field in 45 days, that her cow and goose would eat it in 60 days, but that it would take her goat and goose 90 days to eat it all.  If she turns the cow, the goat, and the goose into the field together, how long will it take them to eat all the grass?  Assume that the grass is not growing each day.
4.  a.  It is a four-digit whole number.
     b.  It is divisible by 5.
     c.  The sum of its digits is 12.
     d.  the sum of its hundreds, tens, and ones digits is 8.
     e.  The sum of its tens and ones digits is 1.
3.  In a certain box of candy, the number of caramels is 25% of the number of other candies in the box.  What percentage of the entire box are the caramels?
7.  The number 66 is divided into smaller numbers.  One number is 3 more than twice the other number.  Find the larger of the two numbers.
5. The tens digit of a two-digit number exceeds its units digit by 4.  The number exceeds twice the number obtained by reversing the digits of the original number by 10.  What is the original number?
6.  A man spent three-fourths of his money and then lost three-fourths of the remainder.  He has $6 left.  How much money did he start with?