July 2019 Puzzles 
1.  There are 16 coins in a bank.  If the coins are all nickels and dimes and they total $1.05, how many nickels are there?
3. a.  It is a four-digit decimal number.
    b.  It is greater than 0 but less than 1.
    c.  Its thousandths digit is a prime number.
    d.  Its tenths digit is three times its hundredths digit.
    e.  Its thousandths digit is its only odd digit.
    f.  It is greater than 3/5.
2.  a.  It is a five-digit decimal number.
     b.  There are three places to the right of the decimal point.
     c.  Its tenths digit is 1/5 of its tens digit.
     d.  Its hundredth digit is its smallest digit.
     e.  Each of its digits is different.
     f.  Its thousandth digit is an even prime number.
     g.  Its ones digit is the sum of all of its other digits.
4.  A bottle and a cup exactly balance a coffeepot.  The bottle balances a cup and a saucer.  Three saucers can be used to balance two coffeepots.  How many cups will it take to balance a bottle?
6. Jack and Jill are walking up a hill.  Jill walks 6 meters ever 4 seconds, and Jack walks 5 meters every 3 seconds.  Jill got a head start and walked for 10 seconds and then stopped to wait for Jack.  If Jack then starts to walk, how long will it take him to reach Jill?

5.  A group of students are playing cards, but they're not playing with a full deck.  If each student gets 8 cards, there is one card left over.  But if each students gets only five cards, then there is a stack of 19 cards left over.  How many students are playing cards?