Week of
September 5
1.  I have a list of 5 numbers whose mean is 10.  If I remove one of the numbers whose value is 14, what is the mean of the remaining numbers?
2.  I have a list of 5 numbers whose mean is 12.  If I remove one of the numbers, the mean becomes 13.  What is the value of the number I remove?
3.  Kevin's mom told him he needs to take a bucket of water over to Grace's house since she needs to wash her hands.  He doesn't want to waste time since he wants to work on puzzles.  From doing this in the past he knows if he uses the small hose it takes 45 minutes to fill the bucket with water.  (It is a big bucket.)  He also knows that the larger hose can do the same job in 30 minutes.  If he uses both hoses, how long will it take him to fill the bucket so that Grace can wash her hands and he can work on puzzles.
4.    a.  It is a four-digit whole number.
b.  Each of its digits is even.
c.  Each of its digits is different.
d.  The sum of its one digit and its hundred digit is ten.
e. The sum of its tens digit and its thousands digit is ten.
f.  It is greater than 7000.
g.  It is divisible by 4.
5.  A dozen, a gross and a score,
     plus two times the square root of four,
     all divided by five, 
     and great sakes alive,
     equals _____squared and not a bit more.

What word or phrase does each box bring to mind.
BIG      BIG
                    ignore            ignore