Week of
September 26
1.  A herd of sheep and turkeys has 99 heads and feet.  How many are there of each, if there are twice as many turkeys as sheep?
2.  Can you find four consecutive even integers so that the sum of the first two numbers is 22 and the last two numbers is 30?
3.  There is a certain number, if multiplied by three-eights of itself, the result is 96.  Can you figure out the number?
4.  In Farmer Maria's barn, there are a number of spiders, goats, and ducks.  There are six times as many spiders as ducks, and five times as many goats as ducks.  All together, there are 2,100 feet.  How many spiders, goats, and ducks are in the barn.
5.  Can you write the number 100 with six nines?
6.  From 19, can you take 1 and leave 20?
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