September 19

3.  If you take half of ten apples away from seven apples, what have you got?
1. Every red car at an auto show was a sports car.  Half of all blue cars were sports cars.  Half of all sports cars were red.  There were forty blue cars and thirty red cars.  How many cars were neither red nor blue?
5.  If today is Sunday, what is the day that follows the day that comes after the day that precedes the day before yesterday?
2. On Thor, three fish can be traded for two loaves of bread, and a loaf of bread can be traded for four bags of rice.  How many bags of rice is one fish worth?
6.  Adult blue whales have been found that weigh in excess of 150 tons (135 metric tons).  During the heyday of whaling as many as 30,000 blue whales were harvested annually.  The entire whale was so valuable that virtually all parts were used.  The skin was used for leather, the cartilage for glue, and the blubber for lamp fuel, lubricants, oils, and cosmetics.
If the normal weight of an adult big blue is 120 tons (109 metric tons), and the liver generally accounts for 3% of its total weight, on average how many pounds (or kilograms) of cod liver oil could a whaler expect to extract?
4.  What is the value of 1/3 of 10 plus 1/2 of 1/3 of 10?