Week of October 30
6.  Can you make 2000 with just eight ones?
5.  Can you make 1000 using just eight 8's?  How about 500 with just 8 4's?  How about 250 with just 8 2's?
1. Oliver and Anish  are 44 miles apart.  Oliver travels at 8 miles per hour towards Anish.  At the same time Anish travels at 3 miles per hour towards Oliver.  How many miles will Oliver have to travel before meeting Anish?
2.  What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in an hour?
3. Find the even 5-digit number that has the following properties:
  • None of the digits repeat.
  • It is between 20,000 and 77,777, inclusive.
  • The digit in the thousands place is 3 times the digit in the ten-thousands place.
  • The units digit is a prime number.
  • The hundreds digit is half the sum of the units, thousands, and ten-thousands digits.
  • The tens digit is the product of two other digits.
4.  In the land of Clinkets, the local Winkets and Flinkets earn their wealth in stars, crescents, and nuggets.  Every 5 stars equals the value of 1 crescent.  Every 5 crescents is worth 1 nugget.

  • Chief Winket has 250 nuggets, 50 stars, and 200 crescents.
  • His counterpart, Chief Flinket, has twice as many crescents, 3 times and many stars, but just 200 nuggets.

A new Blinket vehicle costs 483 nuggets.

How many more stars must each earn in order to have enough stars to buy a new Blinket vehicle?