Week of
October 3
1.  What is the sum of 20 percent of 30 percent of 40 percent of 80 and 1/4 of 2/3 of 1/6 of 72?  Write your answer as a mixed numeral in lowest terms.
3.  Three numbers in the ratio of 7:3:2: have a sum of 228.  What is the difference between the smallest and largest numbers?
2. Bishr was taking a long walk.  He walked half the total distance in the morning.  After lunch, he walked half the remaining distance.  In late afternoon, he walked half the distance that was left.  After dinner, he walked the last two miles.  How far did Bishr walk?
5.  Henry has won a radio contest that includes a chance to win money.  A box is filled with $100, $50, $20, $10, and $5 bills.  Henry will be blindfolded and allowed to draw bills, one at a time, until he has drawn five bills of the same denomination.  What is the least amount of money that Henry can win?  What is the most that he can win?
4. Zavier can buy three oranges or two apples for the same amount of money.  How many apples can Zavier buy if he has just enough money for twenty-four oranges?
6.  Mr. and Mrs. Lottakids  have twelve daughters, and each daughter has one brother.  How many children do Mr. and Mrs. Lottakids have?