Week of November 28
2.  Eight toy camels and three toy pigs cost Lucy $85.  Twelve toy camels cost Collin $96.  Assuming everyone bought their toys at the same store and there were no discounts, what is the cost of two pigs?
1.  When nine and one sixth is divided by three and three fourths, what is the quotient expressed as a mixed number?
6.  What is the single discount that is equivalent to the two successive discounts of 10% off followed by 20% off the discounted price?
5.  A number is called perfect if the sum of all of its divisors, except itself, is equal to the original number.  What is the sum of the two perfect numbers between 2 and 30?
7.  Two cars head toward each other from opposite ends of a highway 444 km long.  The speed of the first car is 85 km/hr.  The speed of the second car is 100 km/hr.  In how many minutes will they meet?
8.  If the famous softball  player for the Ruffing Thoronians, Vanessa, has a 2/5 chance of hitting a single on each plate appearance, what is the probability that she will get exactly one single in her next two appearances?  Express your answer as a common fraction.