Week of November 14
1.  Find this 6-digit number:

First 3 digits - last 3 digits = 665
Within the number there is a 3 to the left of a 1.
There is a 0.
There is a 7 to the right of a 9.
There is a 5 to the left of a 3.
2.  Five armadillos = two pigs
One pig + one cat = one dog
One armadillo + one cat = one horse
Four pigs + two armadillos = two dogs
Four horses + three dogs = five cats + seven pigs + one armadillo

If armadillos are worth 2, what are the values of the dogs, horses, cats, and pigs.
3.  If it takes twelve men two hours to dig a hole two feet long by two feet wide by two feet deep, how long will it take six men to dig a hole twice as long, wide, and deep?
5.  If two is added to both the numerator and denominator of a certain fraction, its value becomes one half.  If two is subtracted from both the numerator and denominator of that same fraction, it becomes one third.  
What is the fraction?
4.  What number comes next in the sequence to replace the question mark?

2  7  11  20  38  69  ?