Week of March 18
1.  When the 171st positive even integer is subtracted from the 220th odd integer, the result is z.  Determine the value of z.
2.  Evaluate the square root of (5^5 + 5^5 +5^5  + 5^5 + 5^5).
4. Winnie and Harlan set up a lemonade stand at the RMS basketball games.   Mac  charged them $20 to set up the stand.  Their other expenses were $4.00 for materials for a sign; $1.50 for each bag of 100 cups; $1.00 for each bag of ice: and $2.50 for each package of lemonade mix, each of which  made 2 gallons of lemonade.  If they bought 300 cups, 12 bags of ice, and 9 packages of lemonade mix, how many 8-ounce cups of lemonade could they have sold from the amount of mix they bought?  How many cups of lemonade must they have sold at $0.50 per cup to break even?  How much profit did they make if all the lemonade was sold?
3.  If a swimming pool has a perimeter of 18 meters and covers an area of 18 square meters, what are its dimensions?
6. How many cards must I draw from a deck of 52 cards to be certain that I have at least 5 of the same color if the deck has 13 blue, 13 green, 13 red, and 13 white cards?
5. The average age of the 40 members of a computer science camp is 17 years.  Of those attending, 20 are girls, 15 are boys, and 5 are adults.  If the average age of the girls is 15 and the average age of the boys is 16, what is the average age of the adults?