Week of January 31
1.  The mean of a set of five numbers is known to be 9.4.  If four of the numbers in the set are 7, 11, 15, and 19, what is the missing number?
2.  After an exciting game of chronology, a very excited Molly distributes notebooks back to the six students who played the game.  What is the probability that all the students received their own notebook?
6.  Ben is older than Carlos.  Andrew is the only boy older than Dante.  Ed is older than only one of the boys.  List the boys from oldest to youngest.
3. Divide forty by one-half and add twenty.  What is the result?
4.  For every 75 cars made at a factory, 1/3 are red, 20 are blue, and the rest are green.  Seven out of every 10 blue cars had CD players and 40% of the red cars have CD players.  No green cars are produced with CD players.  If the factory produced 960 cars with CD players, how many green cars did it produce?
5. Addie has a collection of 20 miniature cars and trucks.  Cars make up 40% of the collection.  If Addie adds only cars to her collection, how many cars must she add to make the collection 75% cars?