Week of January 29
1.  An inspector tested the first 125 computers that came off the production line today and found only 60% acceptable.  After the inspector tested 25 more computers, the overall percentage of acceptable computers rose to 62%.  How many of these 25 computers were rejects?
2.  On a balance scale, a full bag of flour on the left side balances with a 5/6 kg weight and 2/7 of a bag of flour on the right side.  What is the weight of a full bag of flour?
3.  Determine how many numbers between 1 and 100 are divisible by 3 or 7 (or both).
4.  Two-thirds of the people at a concert are wearing hats.  Of those who don't wear hats, three-fifths wear T-shirts.  If the number of people at the concert without a hat or a T-shirt is 200, how many people attended the concert?
6.  The mean of 9 numbers is 27.  If two of the numbers, 94 and 163, are taken out of the set of 9 numbers, what will be the mean of the remaining 7 numbers?
5. Libby has 10 identical blue socks, 14 identical green socks, and 4 identical red socks in a drawer.  She removes socks from the drawer one at a time at random without looking .  What is the fewest number of socks that Libby needs to pull out to be sure of having 4 pairs of socks all of the same color?