Week of January 22
1. A piece of candy originally worth 1 cent is currently worth 10,000 percent of its 1900 price.  How much does it cost today?
3.  On a test, a student answered 15 of the first 20 questions correctly.  Of the remaining questions, he answered exactly 1/3 correctly.  If all the questions were worth the same number of points and the student's grade on the test was 50 percent, how many questions were on the test?
2. Ryan works at a dog kennel.  He uses 5 pounds of dog food to feed 3 dogs for 4 days.  At the same feeding rate, how many pounds of dog food will Ryan need to feed 12 dogs for 1 week?
5.  Major League Baseball's first-round playoffs are played as the best of 5 games.  (The first team to win 3 games wins the playoffs.)  What is the probability of a team winning a 5-game playoff if it has a 50% chance of winning each game?  What is the probability of a playoff going to a fifth game?
4.  If 2,520 is the least number divisible by the first nine counting numbers, find the least number divisible by the first twelve counting numbers.
6.  Nine fish are five months old.  Twelve fish are seven months old.  How many full months from now will the average age of the 21 fish first surpass 20 months old?