Week of January 15
1.  In  a survey of 900 students, 40 percent more of the students preferred fruit snacks to potato chips.  How many of the 900 students preferred fruit snacks?
2. On any day in July it is known that the probability of sunny weather in Cleveland is 80%.  On July 12 at noon it is sunny in Cleveland.  What is the probability that it will be sunny there 60 hours later?
4.  A puppy named Chase believes that for every three squirrels he chases, he will get 40 minutes of playtime at the dog park.  If this is true, how many squirrels should Chase chase to earn the number of playtime hours at the dog park that is equivalent to 1 week?
3.  Presley and Samantha are playing a game that uses ten cards numbered 1 to 10 that are face down on a table.  If Presley and Samanta each turn over one card, what is the probability that the sum of the two cards is even?
6. Colin and Jeff walk to school from their homes in the morning.  Colin lives 450 meters from school and travels at an average rate of 30 meters per minute.  Jeff lives 400 meters from the school and travels at an average rate of 25 meters per minute.  If they both walk directly to school, leaving home at the same time, who will arrive first?  How soon after the first person will the second person arrive?
5.  A math student was asked to subtract 3 from a given number and then divide the result by 9.  Unfortunately, the student subtracted 9 from the given number, and then divided by 3, getting an answer of 43.  Follow the instructions correctly.  What is the correct answer?