Week of
September 26
1.  Mac is four times as old as his daughter Molly.  In twenty years, he will be twice as old as Molly.  How old are Mac and Molly now?
2.  Addie had a birthday party.  As she counted the candles of the cake, she remarked, "My, I'm old now! But I'm not as old as you am I, Dad?" Her dad replied with a smile, "No, you surely are not as old as I.  In fact, I'm four times as old as you are, but in six more years, I will be only three times as old as you."  How old is Addie now?
4.  Three ants are sitting at the corners of a triangle.  Each ant picks one direction at random and starts walking.  What is the probability  that none of the ants collide?
3.  When I am as old as my father is now I shall be seven times the age my son is now.  By then my son will be the same age that I am now.  The combined ages of my father and myself total 100 years.  How old is my son?
5.  A fish is 15 inches long.  The head is as long as the tail.  If the head were twice as long, the head and tail would be as long as the body.  How long is each?
6.  In the set of numbers below, there is one more two-digit number that should be included.  Do you know what it is?

16, 52, 25, 34, 70, 61,  __