Week of September 19
1.  Suppose you randomly selected an integer from one to one million, inclusive, and the number turned out to be a perfect square.  What is the probability that the number is also a perfect cube?
3.  Continue this sequence.  6  10  14  15  21  22  26  33  34  35  ?  ?
2. Vanessa paid $5.55 for one notepad and seven pencils.  Jenna paid $12.28 for three notepads and two pencils.  How much does each notepad cost?
4. Chloe bought a backpack and five binders for $56.09.  Ella bought two backpacks and three binders for $73.96.  Mac needs to buy four backpacks and one binder.  How much will his purchase cost?
5.  To find my number, take 1 fewer than the square of the smallest two-digit prime number and divide this result by the difference between the squares of the fourth and first prime numbers.  What is my number?
6.  Each year, Sumaiya's salary increases by the same amount of money.  In her first year, Sumaiya earned $27,000.  In her seventh year, Sumaiya earned $34,764.  How much money will  Sumaiya earn in her twelfth year?  How many years will it take for Sumaiya's salary to surpass the $100,000 mark?