Week of September 12
1.  There are only two  2-digit numbers that are equal to three times the product of their digits.  Can you find both of them?
2.  Based on the numbers in each row, what number should go in place of the question mark?
48, 12, 66
73, 10, 28
69, 15, 87
32, ?,   14
5.  At Thor, a school of 504 students, each student takes seven classes per day, one in each of the seven periods.  Each teacher teaches six classes per day.  If each class has 28 students and one teacher, how many teachers are there at Thor?
3.  At the nut store, a mixture of peanuts and cashews that starts out 1/6 cashews is changed by adding 4 kg more cashews.  The final mixture is 1/4 cashews.  How many total kilograms of nuts are in the final mixture?
4. Amelia drove to the city at a rate of 50 km/h.  She returned along the same route at a faster speed, making her average rate for the round trip 60 km/h.  What was her returning speed? (The answer is not 70 km/h).
6.  A room contains 40 people who are either right-handed or left-handed.  Seventeen people are right-handed men, 9 people are left-handed, and 21 people are women.  How many of the people in the room are left-handed women?