Week of October 3
1.  There is a pole in a lake.  One-half of the pole is in the ground, another one-third of it is covered by water, and 8 feet is out of the water.  What is the total length of the pole in feet?
3. Chloe purchased a house for $178,405.  She wants to sell it for a profit of exactly 11%.  However, she does not want to sell it herself.  She wants a Real Estate Agent to sell it for her.  The agent must make a commission of exactly 5.7% (in addition to Caroline's 11% profit).  How much must the agent sell the house for?  Give your answer to the nearest dollar.
2.  Mac spent one-forth of his life as a boy, one-eighth as a youth, and one-half as an active man.  If Mac spent 12 years as an old man, then how many years did he spend as an active man?
4.  A juice company sells its product in either a 48-ounce size or a 32-ounce size.  It charges $3.90 for the 48-ounce size.  How much should it charge for the smaller size if it wants the price per ounce to be 25% more than the price per ounce of the larger size.
5.  In 1960, there were 450,000 cases of measles reported in the USA.  In 1996, there were 500 cases reported.  How many cases of measles would have been reported in 1987 if the number of cases reported from 1960 to 1996 decreased linearly.
6.  Find the diameter of a circle whose area is quadrupled when the length of its radius is increased by 4 cm.