Week of
October 24
1.  Slugger Amelia has a batting average of exactly .250.  What is the greatest amount her average could increase with one more hit?  Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest thousandth?
2.   CJ has $72 which she is going to divide among his three girlfriends: Jenna, Addie, and Sophia in the ratio of 6:2:1 respectively.  How much should Addie receive?
3.  What is the least positive fraction whose numerator is two less than a perfect square and whose denominator is one more that the same perfect square?
6.  The average of three numbers a, b, and c is 15.  The average of b and c is 18.  The average of a and b is 12.5.  What is the average of a and c.  Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth.
4.  Bag A contains four yellow marbles, two green marbles, and three blue marbles.  Bag B contains four blue marbles and four green marbles.  If you choose one marble from each bag, what is the probability that you end up with one blue marble and one yellow marble?  Express your answer as a common fraction.
5.  The sum of the digits of a positive two-digit integer is 45 less than the integer.  What is the tens digit of the integer?