Week of
October 17
1. Mia, Vera, and Ella  were able to fill six bags of candy while Trick-or-Treating for three hours.  How many bags of candy could one of the friends fill Trick-or-Treating for one hour?
2.  What is the sum of the first 2004 positive integers?
3.  The sum of 2004 consecutive integers is 5010.  What is the value of the smallest integer in the list of consecutive integers?
4.  Twenty-six people, numbered consecutively 1 through 26, are seated equally spaced around a circular table.  Which numbered person is seated directly across from person number 9?
5.  How many integers between 100 and 500 do not contain an even digit?
6.  A candy store sells only one type of candy, which comes in different colors.  Each color is a different flavor, and some flavors cost more than others.  Specifically, 1 red piece costs the same as 3 blue pieces, 2 orange pieces cost the same as 5 green pieces, and 2 blue pieces cost the same as 10 green pieces.  If 1 orange piece costs 13 cents, how much will 8 red pieces cost?
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