Week of November 7
1.  A long rectangular banquet table has the same number of participants seated on either side and no one sitting at the ends.  Banquet participants are all served either a chicken or a fish entree.  On one side of the table, 11 people are served chicken and the rest are served fish.  On the other side of the table, 5 people are served fish and the rest are served chicken.  In all, how many more banquet participants at this table were served chicken than fish?
4.  If an eight-inch-square cake serves four people, how many 12-inch-square cakes are needed to provide equivalent servings to 18 people?
3.  The gym class is 45% girls.  Of the girls, 20% prefer basketball to baseball, and of the boys, 40% prefer basketball to baseball.  What percent of the class prefers basketball to baseball?
5.  How many hours will a car traveling at 45 miles per hour take to catch up with a car traveling at 30 miles per hour if the slower one starts one hour before the faster car?
6.  A student needs at least 95% average to receive a grade of A.  On the first three tests the student averages 92%.  What is the minimum a student must average on the last two tests to receive a grade of A?
7.  What is the largest two-digit number that is divisible by 3 whose digits differ by 2?