Week of November 14
1.  Thor's age right now is exactly 3 times his age 3 years hence minus 3 times his age 3 years ago.  How old is Thor right now?
2.  The average weight of Joey's five man basketball team was thought to be 60 kg.  However, a mistake was made--one of the weights was written down wrong.  Once the mistake was found, and that one weight was changed to the right value of 80 kg, the correct average turned out to be 70 kg.  What was the mistaken value?  That is, what was written down at first instead of 80 kg.
3.  Ethan is bowling and has won 4 games and lost 5 games.  If he wins 3 out of every 4 games that he bowls from now on, how many more games must he bowl to bring his total winning percentage up to 64%?
5.  How many whole numbers less than 1000 contain no threes but at least one 2?
4.  A worker's salary was reduced by 60%.  By what percent must the new salary be raised to bring it back to the original amount?
6.  In a department store, there are two identical escalators side by side.  One moves upward at a certain rate, and the second moves downward at the exact same rate.  Two men each walk down a different escalator, stepping on every step as they descend and always taking one step per second. The man walking down the down escalator takes 24 steps to reach the bottom, and the man walking down the up escalator takes 120 steps to reach the bottom.  If the escalators instead had not been moving, how many steps would either of the men have taken to reach the bottom?
7.  Each answer is a familiar word, phrase, or name represented by its arrangement of symbols and letters.