Week of March 4
1.  A person spends everything they have in their pockets during a visit to five stores.
In each store, the person spends $10.00 more than half what they had when they entered the store.  How much money did the person have when they set off from home?
2.  Grace has to go on a trip 400 miles from home.  She drives 200 miles, using 14 gallons of gasoline per 100 miles.  As the price of gas is pretty high, she wants to keep her travel costs down and so is trying to lower her fuel consumption.  How many gallons of gas must Grace use over the remaining 200 miles so that her average fuel consumption for the whole journey works out at 10 gallons per 100 miles?
3.  What is behind this sequence of numbers?

7893   1512    10    0
4.  On average, 800 hens lay 800 eggs in 8 days.  How many eggs will 400 hens lay in 4 days?
5.  What number has to come next for this sequence to be logical?

one   three   five   four   
seven    five     four   ?