Week of January 31
1.Rachel, Ardea, and Abbey went to a party at Josh's house.  Rachel brought two bags of skittles, and Ardea brought three bags of skittles.  Abbey forgot to bring candy to Josh's house.  Each bag contained the same amount of candy.  If the three girls share their candy equally, and Abbey paid Rachel and Ardea a combined total of $2.50 for the candy that they shared, how much money should Rachel and Ardea each get?
2.  A certain product is sold as either a liquid or a powder.  Consumers were interviewed, and a survey revealed that--

one-fifth do not use the product,
one-third do not use the powder form,
427 use both the liquid and powder form, and
two-sevenths do not use the liquid form.

How many consumers were interviewed for the survey?
4.  Simply the following expression.


             (1234567891)^2 - (1234567890)(1234567892)

5.  What is the smallest odd number you can obtain from the product of four different prime numbers?
6.  Two positive integers have a sum of 30 and a product of 144.  Find the sum of the reciprocals of the two integers.
2.  Find the largest six-digit even number that meets the following conditions. The ten-thousands digit is twice the tens digit.  The hundred-thousands digit is a prime number.  The thousands digit is divisible by the ones digit.  No digit can be used more than once.
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