Week of January 29
1.  Paige is 17 years older than Mac.  If her age is written after his, the result is a 4-digit perfect square.  The same statement will also be true 13 years from now.  Find Mac's present age.
4.  Will read about a famous mathematician who was n years old in the year n^2.  If the mathematician lived and died in the nineteenth century, in what year was the famous mathematician born?
2.  For a special show, Lucy charged ticket prices as follows:  adults, $10; students, $3; and children under 12, 50 cents. She collected a total of $100 from a total of 100 people.  How many adults, students, and children were in the audience?
5.  Alex realized that he had only 1/8 tank of gas in his car.  He drove to a gas station and pumped in 15 gallons, at which point his gas gauge read 3/4 full.  How many gallons of gas does his tank hold?
3.  The number of bacteria in a culture dish doubles every 12 hours.  A dish that contains 1 million bacteria is full after 15 days.  How long will it take to fill a dish that starts with 4 million bacteria?