Week of January 22
5.  What is the smallest positive integer by which 180 must be multiplied to obtain a perfect cube?
2.  Maria has exactly $5.60 in U.S. quarters, dimes, and nickels.  How many of each coin does Maria have if she has the exact same number of each type of coin?
6.  A dozen pears weigh the same as 8 oranges.  Three apples weigh the same as 2 oranges.  How many apples weigh the same as a dozen pears?
1. To deliver mail, the Canadian Post Office uses postal codes beginning with a letter and alternating 3 letters and 3 digits, such as H9W2B3.  How many postal codes are possible with such a format?  They use the digits 0-9 and the letters A to Z except O, which can be confused with zero.
4. Kerigan has a new summer job life guarding at the swimming pool. One hot summer day, 242  people are at the pool.  Kerigan notices that twice as many children as adult females are at the pool.  Also, 10 fewer adult men than adult females are at the pool.  Determine the number of children , female adults, and male adults are at the pool.
3.  Ancient Egyptians only wrote fractions as sums of unit fractions.  For example, 5/6 = 1/2 + 1/3.

Pretend that you are an Egyptian math student as you write the fractions 3/10, 11/18, and 23/28 as a sum of unit fractions.