Week of January 15
1.  A length of 52-inch wire is cut into 2 pieces.  Each piece is then formed into a square.  The combined area of the two squares is 97 square inches.  What is the positive difference in the lengths of the sides of the square?
2.  The sum of the odd integers between 1 and 99 (inclusive) is 2500.  What is the sum of the even integers between 2 and 100 (inclusive)?
3.  Henry is $23 short of having enough money to buy a gold coin.  Wyatt is $28 short of the money needed to buy the same gold coin.  Together, they have just enough money to buy the coin.  How much does the coin cost?
4.  Suppose that the TV weatherperson predicts a 30% chance of rain on Saturday and a 30% chance of rain on Sunday.  Assuming that the weather predictions are accurate and that the events are independent, what is the probability that it will rain at least one of those days?
5.  Molly gave a history test.  The test was worth 225 points, and it contained 50 questions.  Some of the questions were worth 3 points, and some questions were worth 8 points.  How many of each question were on the test?