Week of February 5
1.  The faucet can fill your bathtub to the top in 9 minutes with the faucet completely open (the water on full blast).  A full tub can be completely drained in 21 minutes.  By mistake, you leave the drain unplugged when you have the faucet completely open.  How long until the tub overflows?
2.  Melanie and her sister want to go swimming in their new pool.  However, first they need to fill it with water.  It takes one hose 24 hours to fill the pool;  it takes another hose 16 hours to fill the pool.  How long will it take to fill the pool if both hoses are running at the same time?
3.  At Collin's house, it takes 23 seconds for hot water to reach the faucet after the water is turned on.  How many gallons of water are wasted each year if it takes 4 seconds to fill an 8-ounce cup of water and Collin waits for hot water" 3 times a day?  
4.  How many four-digit numbers are possible in which the leftmost digit is odd, the rightmost digit is even, and all four digits are different?
5.  The right triangle S has area 8 and hypotenuse the square root of 20.  Triangle R is similar to S and has hypotenuse 1.  What is the area of R?
6.  Find the collections of 3 consecutive integers with the property that their product is 21 times their sum.