Week of February 12
1.  A school committee must consist of two teachers, one student, and two parents chosen from:
three teachers (Lauren, Molly, Libby)
two students (Sukhmani, Natalie)
three parents (Batman, Spiderman, Superman)
Batman refuses to be on the committee if Sukhmani is also on the committee.  How many committees can be formed if Sukhmani is a member.
2.  If one packing box can hold 25 small books or 12 large books, then 10 packing boxes can hold 175 small books and how many large books?
4.  The local pet supply store sells a box of 18 rawhide bones for $14.40 less than 2 packages of premium dog food.  Izzy bought 3 boxes of bones and 1 package of dog food.  After she received credit for a $3 off coupon, Izzy notices that the total amount she owed, before sales tax was added, was $205.80.  What is the price of each box of bones, and what is the prices of each package of dog food?
6.  In a survey, 180 people were asked to select which form of exercise they preferred: running, swimming, or biking.  Of the 180 people, 50% more people selected running than swimming.  Five times as many people selected biking as swimming.  How many people selected running as their favorite form of exercise?
5.  Fourteen times my number is 10 fewer than the square of the number that is 1 more than the second prime number.  What is 5 fewer than 1/2 my number?