Week of April 8
1.  If 2 blips = 9 cogs, and 1/2 blip = 2 cogs + 1 fave, how many cogs does 1 fave equal?
2.  In a recent survey, students were asked if they preferred apples or bananas.  In this survey, 30% more students preferred apples to bananas.  If 117 students preferred apples, how many students took part in the survey??
4.  My number is 3 fewer than the sum of A and B.  A is the smallest positive multiple of 13 for which the sum of its digits is prime.  B is twice the value of the Roman numeral DXLIX.  What is my number?
5.  In a recent taste test, 342 students were asked which cola they preferred, brand X or brand Y.  If 28% more students preferred brand Y over brand X, how many of the 342 students preferred brand Y to brand X?
3. Oliver's salary increases by the same dollar amount every year.  Ten years from now, Oliver will be earning $71,296.  Two years ago, his salary was $34,000.  What will Oliver's salary be next year?
6.  In a game of chronology Kerigan earns 9 points for every correct answer and loses 5 points for every incorrect answer.  If her score is 68 after she has answered 20 questions, how many questions were answered correctly?