Week of May 6
1.  I have six packages of mints, each package containing fewer than 20 mints.  When I open the first five packages and count the candies, I find a total of 90 mints in these five packages.  The sixth package contains five fewer mints than the average number of mints in all six packages.  How many mints are in the sixth package?
2.  If the length of each edge of a cube is increased by 20 percent, what is the percent of increase in the surface area of the cube?
3.  Fred was born before 1900, and he died in 1950.  When he died, his age was 1/29th the year of his birth.  How many years old was he in 1910?
4. The land of Thor has two coins, the Mac and the John.  Danny buys a Thoronian computer with two Macs and gets one John in change.  Meanwhile, with one Mac and two Johns., Ben buys two  Thoronian computers.  How many of these computers could be purchased with 10 Macs?
5.  Compute:
(1/5 + 5 + 1/0.5 + 0.5) - (1/2 + 2 + 1/0.2 + 0.2).
6.  A certain shrub doubles its height each year until it reaches a maximum height in five years.  How long does it take the shrub to reach half its maximum height?