April 22
​1.  Write an expression using only four 3s and any operations to equal 14.
​2.  A 4-digit positive number can be expressed as a sum of its place values in the following way:

    3a(1000) +a(100) +a/2(10) + 2a

What is the number?
​6.  When n is divided by 5, the remainder is 1.  What is the remainder when 3n is divided by 5?
​3.  Find the smallest 3-digit number for which the sum of the digits is equal to 17.
​5.  The product of 2 positive numbers is equal to 2 times their sum.  The sum of the 2 numbers is equal to 2 times their difference.  What are the 2 numbers?
​4.  Imagine that a "word" is any combination of English letters, regardless of whether they make sense (e.g., xlkduagd is an 8-letter word).  How many 3-letter "words" are there with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) in the middles and no letters repeated?