Week of February 19
1.  On a math quiz, George was supposed to find X + Y.  Instead, he calculated X - Y, so of course what he got, 100 was wrong.  Lucky for him, his answer came out to be exactly 1/4 the correct answer, so Mac gave him 1/4 of the points as partial credit.  What is X?
2.  A car gets 30 mpg on the highway with 1 passenger, in addition to the driver.  With each additional passenger, the car loses 1 1/3 mpg.  How many gallons of gas would the car use to travel 25 miles on the highway with 3 passengers (and the driver)?
3.  Lucia opened a restaurant near Ruffing.  A small cup of coffee sells for $3.00, and a medium cup of coffee sells for $4.00.  On the first day, 158 coffees were sold.  Lucia took in $570.00.  How many cups of each size were sold?
6.  If the toppings on a 24-inch diameter pizza cover a 20-inch diameter circle, what percentage of the pizza's area is not covered in toppings?
4.  For her thirteenth birthday, Viviana's grandpa gave her a bag of marbles.  There were 8 red marbles, 11 green marbles, 4 yellow marbles, and 9 blue marbles in the bag.  If Viviana reaches into the bag and randomly selects a marble, what is the probability that the marble is neither red nor yellow?
5.  If two marbles are randomly drawn, one after the other, from the same bag described in problem 4, what is the probability that no red or yellow marbles appear in the two-marble draw?
60 SEC