Week of February 14
1.  What is the probability that when you roll two fair dice, the product of the numbers rolled is divisible by 2?
2. Jenna buys ear rings at $60 per dozen.  When she sells them, she receives as much for 3 ear rings as she paid for 4 ear rings.  What is Jenna's selling price for a dozen ear rings?
3.  Find 4 consecutive integers whose sum is 17,798.
4.  At the candy shop sale, when you buy 18 chocolate truffles at the regular price, you receive 3 more truffles for only 6 cents each.  If 21 chocolate truffles cost $8.82 at the sale, what is the regular price of 1 chocolate truffle?
6.  I am a number. Use these clues to find me.
Clue 1:  I am a multiple of 3 between 1 and 200.
Clue 2:  I am a multiple of 5, but none of my digits is 5.
Clue 3:  The sum of my digits is 9, but none of my digits is 9.
5.  The fixed cost to set up a manufacturing business for gizmos is $1200.  In addition, each gizmo costs $12 in materials to produce.  What is the fewest number of gizmos that a manufacture must sell at $20 apiece to break even on costs?
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