Week of February 12
3.  What is the first month following September that will always begin on the same day of the week as September?
2.  At Cedar Point, you can ride a mechanical pony in a circle.  If the ride lasts 4 minutes and completes 25 revolutions, determine the average speed, in miles per hour, of a person who is sitting on a pony 18 feet from the center of the circular carousel.
1.  A turtle fell to the bottom of a deep well.  The turtle climbed up 2 meters on the first day, but slipped back 1 meter as he rested.  The second day, the turtle climbed double the distance of the previous day but slipped and lost 1/2 of the day's climbed distance as he rested.  This pattern continued until the end of the fourth day, when the turtle realized he was halfway to the top of the well.  How deep was the well?
4.  The arithmetic mean of 5 numbers is 100.  The mean of 2 of these numbers is 85.  What is the mean of the other 3 numbers?
5.  I can walk at 2 miles per hour (mph) and jog at 5 mph.  I get home from the bus stop 4 minutes quicker if I jog instead of walk.  How far is it from my home to the bus stop?
6.  Cookies are on sale for $1.50 off the regular price of $3.49.  What percentage of the original price does the buyer pay on checkout?