Week of December 6

5.  How many minutes represent 10 percent of one full week?
1. A basket of fruit contains only bananas, apples, and oranges.  The basket contains 2 bananas, 6 red apples, and 8 green apples.  If the total number of pieces of fruit is three times the number of apples in the basket, how many oranges are in the basket?
4.  At a bookstore, the first Olivia Osborne book and the second Olivia Osborne book together cost $45 (excluding any taxes).  Two copies of the first Olivia Osborne  book and three copies of the second Olivia Osborne book cost a total of $125.  At this bookstore, how much is one copy of the first Olivia Osborne book?
2.  A group of 6 women and 12 men weigh a total of 3090 pounds.  If the women in the group have an average weight of 125 pounds, what is the average weight of the men in the group?
3.  I am a number who is greater than 40 and less than 90.  I am proud to be a prime number.  My ones digit is also a prime number and so is my tens digit.  If you subtract my ones digit from my tens digit, the answer is not 2.  What number am I?