April 8
1.  a.  It is a six-digit decimal number.
     b.  It is greater that one fifth.
     c.  It is less than thirty percent.
     d.  Each digit is greater than the digit to its left.
     e.  Its ten-thousandths digit is a multiple of its tenth digit and its hundredths digit.
     f.   Its tenths digit and its thousandth digit are factors of its hundred-thousandths digit.
2.  a.  It is a seven-digit decimal number.
     b.  Four of its digits are 0.
     c.  The face value of its smallest place value is 9.
     d.  Its other digits are prime numbers.
     e.  It is less than 1.
     f.   Its millionths digit is the sum of its ten-thousandths digit and its hundred-thousandths digit.
     g.  Its ten-thousandths digit is greater than its hundred-thousandths digit.
3.  Two possible fractions have a sum of 11/10.  Their denominators are 2 and 5.  What are the fractions?
4. Winnie was making cupcakes and found that she could frost 24 cupcakes with 1 1/2 cups of frosting.  How many cupcakes could she frost with the full 2-cup container?
5.  Solve the following rebus.


6.  Solve the following rebus.