April 15
​1.  a.  It is a six-digit decimal number.
     b.  Its one digit is 25% of its thousandths digit.
     c.  Its ten-thousandths digit is 25% of its hundred-thousandths digit.
     d.  Its one digit and its ten-thousandths digit are the same.
     e.  Its tenths digit is 1 less than its thousandths digit.
     f.  Its ones digit is the product of its hundredths digit and its ten-thousandths digit.
     g.  The sum of three of its digits is 10.
5.  Solve the following rebus.

​4.  Ryan drove home from his house to his mother's house, which is 60 miles away.  On the way there, he drove 60 miles per hour.  But because of construction on the way home, he was able to drive only 30 mph.  What was Ryan's average speed for the entire trip?
​3.  A cube has a total surface area of 54 square inches.  What is the volume of the cube?
​2.  a.  It is a five-digit decimal number.
     b.  It is less than 100%
     c.  Its hundredths digit is 50% of its tenths digit.
     d.  It thousandths digit is 33 1/3% of its tenths digit.
     e.  Its ten-thousandths digit has only one divisor.
     f.  Only one of its digits is 0.
​6.  Solve the following rebus.