Week of May 13
1.  The odometer of the family car shows 15,951 miles. The driver noticed that this number is palindromic: it reads the same backward and forward.  "Curious," the driver said to himself. "It will be a long time before that happens again."  But 2 hours later, the odometer showed a new palindromic numbrer.  How fast was the car traveling in those 2 hours?

2.  Samantha has 1 penny, 2 nickels, and 1 dime.  How many different sums of money can she make, if she uses at least 1 coin.

3.  Write 2014 with the first four prime numbers, with the aid of the operations addition, multiplication and exponentiation.

4.  The five-digit number 3a,5a7 is a multiple of 9, and each 'a' represents the same digit.  What digit does 'a' represent?