6.  The number 2938 has this property:  the thousands digit is even, the hundreds digit is odd, and all four digits are different.  How many four-digit numbers have this property?
2. Laila and Sam can do a certain job together in 60 minutes.  Laila can do three times as much of the job as Sam can in any given amount of time.  How many minutes would it take Laila to do the job alone?
3.  If four coins are tossed, what is the probability that the result will be two heads and two tails?
4.  In a carnival game, you can win $100 if you hit the bull's eye with a dart.  The radius of the dartboard is 9 inches, and the radius of the bull's eye is 1 inch.  What is the percent chance that a random hit on the board will be a bull's-eye?
5.  A box contains five numbered ping-pong balls.  One ball has a number 1 painted on it, one ball has a 3, two of the balls are labeled with a 6, and one ball has an 8.  The balls are picked from the box one at a time without replacement and placed in the order they are drawn, from left to right, to create a five-digit number.  What is the probability that the five-digit number is a composite number (not prime)?
1.  How many squares are on a traditional 8  x 8 checkerboard?  (By the way, the answer is not 64).
Week of January 8