For the week of May 25th    zoom meeting id is  984 7834 6172 and password is 888562

Meeting times Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    9:30 to 10 am Peaches
    10 to 10:30 am  Raindrops
    10:30 to 11 am  Eggplant

Meeting time  Tuesday 
   10:00 am to 11 am  everybody

Explore Learning       Class code is QGVWVC 
Tuesday, May 26th  Distance Time Graphs
Tuesday, May 26th  Distance, Time, Velocity Graphs

Wednesday, May 27th  DELTA MATH  Multiplication of polynomials
Wednesday, May 27th  Eggplants # 42 to 84 even
Wednesday, May 27th  DELTA MATH  Combine like term
Friday, May 29th   Fruit  # 2 to 60 even

Wednesday, May 27th  Absolute value with linear functions
Wednesday, May 27th  Rangers
Friday, May 29th  Maple

Wednesday, May 27  DELTA MATH  Area of Triangle
Wednesday, May 27  4.2 pr c
Friday, May 29  Fundamental Skills