1.    You plan to invite 12 people to your birthday party and need to purchase candy. At the local candy store, you can buy 4 jawbreakers for $1 or 3 chocolate bars for $2. How much money will you need to take to the candy store so that every guest can have 1 jawbreaker and 1 chocolate bar?
8.    Which is more likely? Rolling 2 standard number cubes that sum to 9, or rolling 3 standard number cubes that sum to 9?
2.    The goal of playing a dice game is to roll a 4 or higher. You have the option to roll one 8-sided die, using the one result, or role two 4-sided dice, adding the results. Which option gives you a higher probability of rolling a 4 or better?
3.    At Ruffing Montessori School, 100 students participate in at least one of three after-school clubs: soccer club, art club, and gaming club; 9 students participate in all three clubs; 20 students are in both soccer club and art club; 35 students are in art club and gaming club; and 29 students are in soccer club and gaming club. In total, 50 students are in soccer club, and 53 students are in art club. How many of the 100 students are in the gaming club only?
4.    What is the remainder when you divide 2^100 by 5?
5.    If you wrote out the number 2^100 in base 10, what would be in the units place (the rightmost digit)?
6.    A performance hall that is 30 feet wide and 60 feet long is being renovated and the floor is being retiled. How many more tiles will be needed if 8 in square tiles are used instead of 9 inch square tiles?
7.    The drama club buys cookies at the bakery at 8 for $1 and sells them to students after school for $0.25 each. How many must they sell to make a profit of $35?