1.    What is the 117th odd natural number?
15.    If two dogs can jump across a ravine six feet wide, then how wide a ravine can four dogs jump across?
14.    If one zilch is equal to 13 milches, and 1 milch is equal to 23 pilches, would you accept 8000 pilches for 26 zilches?
13.    What part of 1/2 square foot is 1/2 foot square?
12.    Fifty percent more that what number is 25 percent less than 60 percent more than 10?
11.    My watch is 1 second fast each hour, and my friend's is 1.5 seconds slow each hour. Right now they show the same time. When will they show the same time again?
10.    What is a particular number if 1/2 of it plus 2/3 of it is 42?
9.    Using each of the ten digits once, find two five-digit numbers with the greatest possible product.
2.   What is the smallest number with exactly five whole-number divisors?
3.    What is the difference between the two largest prime factors of 38,055?
4.    What is the largest three-digit number divisible by both 9 and 7?
5.    Find the largest four-digit number that has exactly three factors.
6.    What is the smallest nonzero whole number divisible by the numbers 1 through 9?
7.    Find three numbers between 10 and 30 whose sum is 70 and whose squares taken together contain all the digits from 1 to 9 exactly.
8.    Find four consecutive whole numbers that add up to 178.