1.    Suppose that there are 5 people in your family, and you are making the stuffing for this year's Thanksgiving dinner. The casserole dish holds 4 1/4 cups of stuffing. If a normal serving size is 3/4 cup' will the casserole dish hold enough for everyone in your family to get 1 full serving?
4.    If I multiply all whole numbers from 1 through 10, what is the largest power of 4 that is a factor of the product? 
​3.    How many of the first 1000 positive integers are multiples of both 4 an 5 but not 6?
2.    A department store had a rack of sweaters. Some employees were confused whether a sweater should be on sale. Employee A walked by the rack and discounted the price by 25%. Employee B saw that the sweater had been incorrectly discounted and increased employee A's price by 25%. After the work of employee A and employee B, was the price of the sweater more than, less than, or the same as originally priced?
​6.    The letter x represents the units digit of the five-digit number 1571x. If the five-digit number is divisible by 6 and x is not 0, what number could x be?
​5.    If you reverse the digits of a two-digit positive integer and subtract the resulting integer from the original integer, the difference is 36. What two-digit numbers can you find?
9.    Anita's bike shop sells both bicycles and tricycles. There are 25 seats and 60 wheels in her shop. How many bicycles are there? (Assume that none of the cycles are4 tandems built for two.)
8.    How many terms are in the arithmetic sequence 5, 12, 19, . . . , 355?
7.    During the first half of a basketball game, the home team made 70% of their 30 attempted field goals. In the second half, the team made 30% of their 50 attempts What was their overall field goal percentage for the entire game? (Note: Free throws are not counted as field goals.)