1.  Working together, Ian and Ryan can clean a house in 6 hours.  It takes Ryan 3 times longer than Ian working alone.  How long would each boy take?

2.  Two cars started toward each other at the same time from towns 500 km apart.  One car's rate was 65 km/h, the other's 60 km/h.  After how many hours did they meet?

3.  One number is 4 more than another.  If twice the smaller is added to the larger, the result is 28.  Find the numbers.

4.  Andrew has 11 coins in dimes and quarters.  Their value is $1.70.  How many of each does he have?

5.  The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 15.  If the digits are reversed, the new number is 27 less than the original number.  Find the original number.

6.  Cashews cost $12.15/kg.  Pecans cost $13.00/kg.  The number of kilograms of cashews is 2 less than the number of kilograms of pecans.  How many kilograms of each should be mixed to make a box that will sell for $76.30?