Week of May 11
1.  A soccer ball and a jersey together cost $32.  If you buy 2 soccer balls and 3 jerseys, the total cost is $86.  What does 1 soccer ball cost?  What does 1 jersey cost?
2.  As winter approaches, chipmunks begin to gather nuts.  The average chipmunk gathers 32 nutshells in 3 days.  Unfortunately,  1 out of every 8 nutshells is hollow and does not contain a nut.  How many nuts can 3 chipmunks expect to gather in 2 weeks, assuming that 1 out of very 8 nutshells is empty?
3.  One-fifth of the fence posts around Will's house are oak, and the rest are pine.  Will places reflectors on 1/3 of the pine fence posts.  If 231 fence posts in Will's yard do not have reflectors, how many are oak?
4.  Brooke makes $2 an hour more than Nicholas. Nicholas makes $3 an hour less than Mac.  If Brooke, Nicholas, and Mac work together for 6 hours and are paid $147, how much does each person earn per hour?
5.  Mac's salary is based on the number of students he has.  Suppose a salary of $60 a month was to be paid for 50 students and $50 a month for 30 students.  If the actual enrollment was 45 students, what should Mac be paid?
6.  Thor is 5 years old.  His mother is 28.  How old will Thor be when he is exactly half as old as his mother?