Week of March 9
1.  Anthony developed a code to give numerical values to names of animals.
Cat = 60
Bear = 180
Dog = 420
Eagle = 2100

Can you determine the value of a beaver?
5.  The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center received a $2,000 gift from a private donor to care for injured animals.  Another donor pledged $5 for every animal that the center accepts and $8 for every animal that is released into the wild.  It costs the center $650 for the government permit to care for wild animals, and $40 a day to care for all the animals.  If workers take in and release 1 animal each day, how long will these monetary gifts support their work?
4.  The average (mean) of 17 numbers is 37.4.  If the smallest of these 17 numbers is removed, the average (mean) of the remaining numbers is 41.  What is the value of the number that was removed from the original 17 numbers?
2.  Isa tossed two standard, fair, six-sided dice.  How many of the 36 possible outcomes will result in a sum that is divisible by either 2 or 3?
3.  A farmer in Mississippi grows several different crops:  1/2 his acreage is planted in peanuts; he planted 1/4 of the remaining ground in sweet potatoes; after that, he planted okra in 1/2 of what remained.  The rest of the garden is planted in green beans.  What percentage of his acreage is in green beans?
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