1.  Jenny found that her cow and got would eat all the grass in a certain field in 45 days, that her cow and goose would eat it in 60 days, but that it would take her goat and goose 90 days to eat it all.  If she turns the cow, the goat, and the goose into the field together, how long will it take them to eat all the grass?  Assume that the grass is not growing each day.
4.  Karl bought 100 pounds of potatoes that were 99 percent water.  After the potatoes were left outdoors for a day, they were 98 percent water.  What was the weight of the slightly dehydrated potatoes?
2.  The Algenauts baseball team just finished a great year.  During the season, they won three out of every four of their home games and two out of every three of their away games.  All together they won 40 more games than they lost.  If they played as many home games as away games, what was their final record of wins and losses.
3. In the playoffs, the Algenauts won their division playoff series 3 games to 1 and then beat their arch-rivals the Geometers in the League Championship series 4 games to 2.  If the Algenauts won 80% of their home playoff games and 60% of their away playoff games, what percentage of their playoff games were at home?
Math Seminar