Stumpers 9
1.  Light travels at about 186 thousand miles per second, and the Sun is about 93 million miles from the Earth.  How much time does light take to reach the Earth from the Sun?
2.  It takes 1.25 seconds for light to travel from the Moon to the Earth.  How many miles away is the Moon?
5.  The local phone store had a going-out-of business sale.  The price of a telephone before the sale was $39.98.  What was the price of the telephone after a 30% discount?  If the sale price of the same telephone had been $23.99, what would the (percentage) discount have been?
3.  You sponsor a benefit concert and you price the tickets at $8 each.  Teli sells 12 tickets, Cooper 16, Jack 17, and Nathan 13.  Compute the total revenue brought in by these four persons.  Notice that there are two ways to do the calculation?
4.  Andrew bought some school supplies at an outlet store in Maine, a state that has a 6.5% sales tax.  Including the sales tax, how much did Andrew pay for two blazers priced at $49.95 each and three pairs of pants priced at $17.50 each?
6.  When describing the growth of a population, the passage of time is sometimes described in generations, a generation being about 30 years.  One generation ago, you had two ancestors (your parents).  Two generations ago, you had four ancestors (your grandparents).  Ninety years ago, you had eight ancestors (your great-grandparents).  How many ancestors did you have 300 years ago?  900 years ago?  Do your answers make sense?
7. A blueprint of a building gives a scale of 1 inch = 8 feet.  If the blueprint shows the building sitting on a rectangle with dimensions 16 inches by 25 inches, what is the actual area of the rectangle on which the building sits?  Express your answer in square feet.