Stumpers 1
1.  A father left 17 cows to his three sons, with instructions that the first son get 1/2, the second son, 1/3, and the youngest one, 1/9 of the cows.  This, would have resulted in fractions of a cow, which would be of no use to anybody.  How could they follow the father's instructions?
A friend offered to give them his one cow, making a total of 18.  So it was possible to give the first son, 1/2 (9) of the cows, the second son, 1/3 (6), and the youngest son, 1/9 (2).
Since 9 + 6 + 2 = 17, it was possible to return the loaned cow.
Can you explain the "mystery" in the case of the cows?
2.  Using four 4's and any operations, try to write equations that have the numbers 0 to 30 as the answer.
3.  One night the King couldn't sleep, so he went down into the Royal kitchen, where he found a bowl full of mangoes.  Being hungry, he took 1/6 of the mangoes.
Later that night, the Queen was hungry and couldn't sleep.  She, too, found the mangoes and took 1/5 of what the King had left.
Still later, the first Prince awoke, went to the kitchen, and ate 1/4 of the remaining mangoes.
Even later, his brother, the second Prince, ate 1/3 of what was then left.
Finally, the third Prince ate 1/2 of what was left, leaving only three mangoes for the servants..
How many mangoes were originally in the bowl?